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Superbboy: the people's Avengers
Country: Russia,
Genre: Dmitry Dyachenko
Genre: Comedy, Family,
Actors: Pavel Derevyanko, Oksana Akinshina, Roman Madyanov, Vladimir Tolokonnikov, Irina Pegova, Daniil Vakhrushev

The focus is on the story of an ordinary Russian family, whose house was hit by a meteorite. Thanks to him, the Beavers acquire superpowers: grandfather becomes immortal, the father teleports, the son begins to understand the dog's language, and his three sisters get superpowers, the ability to fly and be invisible. The only limitation: the ability to act only when the whole family is assembled.

The film begins in Thailand, where the Beaver family escaped justice. Now they have to perform in a circus tent, showing tourists their superpowers. To be a "circus monkeys" the family is obviously not for everyone – they all want to go home, Home. Oleg and Sveta have a disorder in the relationship: she dreams of children, and Oleg is not up to it. And here is another scandal of the family: Oleg leaves, slamming the door. He comes back, but no Beavers. They left. Oleg has to go to Russia. At home, he will not only win the heart of Sveta again, but also to combine the superpowers of the Beaver family in a fight with villains of planetary scale, making negligent relatives of these superheroes.