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The Balkan Line
Country: Russia,
Genre: Andrei Volgin
Genre: Action, Drama,
Actors: Anton Pampushny, Gosha Kutsenko, Milos Bikovich, Ravshan Kurkova, Milena Radulovich, Goiko Mitic

The plot of the film is based on real events that occurred in 1999 in Kosovo during the armed conflict between Albanians and Yugoslavia. The film will be the first to show the events of the operation, which were strictly classified. The main characters-Russian paratroopers-are ordered to take control of the airfield Slatina in Kosovo and keep it until reinforcements arrive. But this strategic object is extremely important to the Albanian field commander and NATO generals. The task force is forced to accept an unequal battle with the terrorists. Russian peacekeepers and NATO forces are rushing to the airport. The world is once again close to a great war. But the commander of the special group Andrei Shatalov is not up to politics: at the airport among the hostages his beloved girl is Clear.

Production project Gosha Kutsenko about"the time when Russia wanted to finally erase from the map of world politics." He himself also played in the "Balkan line" one of the main roles.