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Then Came You
Country: США,
Genre: Peter Hutchings.
Actors: Asa Butterfield, Nina Dobrev, Macy Williams, Peyton Leaf, Ken Chong, Tyler Hecklin

The main character, hypochondriac Calvin (ACE Butterfield), dropped out of College and got a job as a loader in the Luggage compartment at the airport, where his father and brother also work. Hoping to save Calvin from fear of the disease, his doctor advises the boy to visit a support group for cancer patients. After listening to the doctor, Calvin goes to a meeting of the group, where he meets an terminally ill girl named Skye (Macy Williams). Skye manages to persuade Calvin to help fulfill her list of dying wishes. In return girl tries to help him win heart of stewardess Izzy (Nina Dobrev), in that Calvin already long in love with.