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Banquet beef roll with cheese
Food type: Meat product
Kitchen type: European,
Complexity: Complex
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beef-1 kg

tomato juice-400 ml

hard cheese-200 g

dry white wine-100 ml

eggs - 2 PCs.

onion - 1 head

bread crumbs - 3 tbsp

garlic-2 cloves

ground black pepper-1/2 tsp . 

dried parsley-1/2 tsp . 

dried oregano-1/2 tsp . 

dried Basil-1/2 tsp

salt-1/2 tsp

1 Peel the onions and cut into thin half-rings. Chop the garlic. Mix in a bowl garlic, white breadcrumbs, dried herbs: Basil, oregano, parsley, add salt. Pour in the raw chicken eggs and mix. Add the grated cheese, mix again, should get a homogeneous mass. Beef cut along the fibers with a wide knife, not until the end.

2 Layer salt and pepper, put the filling and spread evenly over the surface. Roll the fillet into a roll, tie with twine or other strong thread. Put the chopped onion on the pan, roll on top, seam down. Pour dry white wine and tomato juice.

3 Close the dish with baking foil, put in the oven, bake for two hours at a temperature of 180 degrees. Roll remove, cool. Remove the foil, cut the twine, cut the meat into pieces one and a half to two inches. To lay out the Banquet rolls on plates, top with sauce.