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Greek salad with cheese at home
Food type: Salads
Kitchen type: European,
Complexity: Low
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This salad is considered one of the most popular dishes in this section of cooking. Healthy food from the point of view of a healthy diet.


cheese - 200 g

Bulgarian red pepper-2 PCs . 

tomatoes - 2 PCs.

cucumbers - 1 PC . 

onions-2 heads

garlic-1 clove

grape vinegar

olive oil


lettuce leaves



1 Cut into large slices fresh tomatoes, cucumber. And red onion, sweet bell pepper cut into rings. To break it lettuce. Grate the salad bowl with garlic for flavor, put a mixture of vegetables and olives in it.

2 Mix. For the sauce whisk olive oil, vinegar, salt, oregano. Pour over the salad, sprinkle with torn Basil leaves. Cut into cubes or slices cheese, spread on top of Greek salad.