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Salad with tomatoes, beans and tuna
Food type: Salads
Kitchen type: European,
Complexity: Average
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Coarsely sliced products give the dish a fashionable culinary brutality. Some products can be replaced, others can be added.


canned beans-250 g

tomatoes - 4 PCs.

cucumbers - 2 PCs . 

lemon - ½ PCs.

tuna in its own juice-1 Bank

red bow-1 head

olive oil-1-2 tbsp.

salt - to taste

ground black pepper-to taste

Italian herbs-to taste

Fresh cucumbers wash, cut into halves and then slices.

2 Wash tomatoes, cut in half or into four pieces. The salad is better to use a smaller fruit.

3 Drain the liquid from the canned beans, put the contents of the jar in a salad bowl. On top-chopped vegetables.

4 chop Tuna canned meat with a fork into large pieces, put on top of vegetables.

5 red onion cut into half rings, decorate salad.

6 ready dish sprinkle with fresh lemon juice and olive oil, you can add a little Italian herbs, salt and pepper.


If desired, the mixture can be added pitted olives and bell peppers.