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Cafe-bar "Honai man"
Kitchen type: Mixed,
Address: 43 Pulodi street
Landmark: The back of the shopping center "Dushanbe Say"
Entrance: -
Working hours: -

Cafe-bar "Honai man" is a cafe where you can spend the evening in a quiet atmosphere or a noisy group of friends after work, come for lunch with your family or just sit at a table by the window with a Cup of good coffee or tea.
Cafe with reasonable prices and a menu of sandwiches, burgers, soups, pizzas, drinks and of course baking.
The interior is decorated in warm light colors, the atmosphere is pleasant, the staff is polite and friendly.

The cafe is located in the building of shopping center "Honai man", on the terrace of the building, where you can enjoy a good view of the hilly outskirts of Dushanbe.