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Unofficial full TOEFL
Дата: 12/06 по 12/06
Адрес: ул.Шохтемура 54
Ориентир: Стадион спартак
Телефон: (+992) 98 757 7776
Вход: -

Greetings beautiful people.
American School in Dushanbe is offering an exclusive opportunity to take TOEFL official practice test. We guarantee you will have similar experience as the official TOEFL without having to pay $175. Your responses in the speaking and writing sections will be graded by former ETS employees from the United States, and will be announced within two weeks. 

*Please note that this is unofficial TOEFL, we are not affiliated with ETS in any way. 

- FEE: $10 
- Registration until December 3. 
- Duration of the test: 4 hours.
Maximum number of test takers – 8 (Hurry up and reserve your spot.